Monday, July 19, 2010

My brother Mike and I

I was hardly able to talk at all to Mike when he visited me in ICU, so it was great to see him again and have a proper catchup!! 

Mike is a very cheeky fellow. Every time he visits, he turns all the pictures of my sisters around to the back, and just leaves the pics of us to the front. He waits for me to discover it after he has left. I am onto him now though and usually am able to tell him off before he leaves. You can probably see in the background some of his handy work of frames facing the wrong way!!

He also hopes that my television is dusty so he can draw a face on it. But mum has been doing all the house work so there is no chance of a dusty television!! He is a very naughty!!


  1. You are a lucky girl to have him to pester you...
    Did you know my older brother who had CF was also named Mike.....

  2. I don't blame him for turning all the pictures around... two of them live near you so they get to see you all of the time, I guess Mike just wants to make sure you are always thinking about him, LOL!!
    Bet he had cranky pants when he couldn't do his smiley face in the TV, LMAO!!
    Sounds like you had loads of fun with him there and that is so good.
    Lotsa love!

  3. Hi Genevieve! What an inspiration to read your blog. Your proud Aunt Meg gave me the link.
    My very best wishes for what will be a bright future.