Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day Twelve - Saturday

What a difference a bit of sleep makes!!

I still wake up to cough, but nothing like it has been.  It is also the first time that I feel comfortable lying down - my breathing finally feels slow and comfortable. I wake about 6am for drugs (pain medication), then sleep in until 8.30am. The nurse did pop in earlier but lets me keep sleeping...

My sleep is also more restful without the vivid dreams (from drugs!)....pain is starting to lessen when I cough and when moving around.  I think even due to the gym workout yesterday, the outside of my chest feels less tight.

My insulin levels are still being tested. The mornings are good, but the evening ones are still going up very high.  So some days are two jabs of insulin, others are one.

I didn't get to shower yesterday, so next priority is that! Just hop out of the shower, and I need to be taken to X-ray of my lungs - being a weekend this doesn't take long.

My dressings get a bit wet, so I get them changed and have a chance to look at my "holes"....they are healing well - the surgery cut is looking fabulous and healing beautifully.

I am finally sounding better too in my lungs - think I might nearly have most of the old flem cleared.

I am eating like a horse and everything takes good - but I haven't put on any weight...hahaha!! I have to be weighed every day, to check I don't put on weight quickly - putting weight on quickly is a sign of fluid buildup  and therefore possible rejection. I'm very curious as to what my weight does in the next few months.

Around lunchtime Mum and Dad arrive.  As a precaution, Dad wears a mask as he still has a bit of congestion in his chest from his cold last week.

It's great to finally catch up!

After mum and dad leave, I go to rest and sleep for 2 hours. It's a really restful sleep and I wake about 5pm feeling so much better for it.

After my nurse checks my insulin  and gives me another jab, (still very high in the afternoon unfortunately!) I take myself to the ward gym and do a half hour walk. I take it up to 4.5kms per hour for the last 10 minutes. I haven't done that speed for probably nearly a year? I stop and I'm barely puffing.

Oh NOW I am starting to really come on  in leaps and bounds!!  I feel very happy walking back to my room...what an amazing feeling!!

I spend the rest of the time catching up on this blog. And I am finally up to date!!

I will get some pain meds at midnight, and get obs, then I'll be free to sleep til 6am for my next drugs.


  1. Whew, I got all of this read. Your family looks so happy. And you lovely lady....look wonderful. You will be riding Andy and competing withing 6 months, I bet....
    Take care my dear friend. You give me hope beyond belief. Tammy Calvert

  2. You look great. I wish you continued health and happiness and look forward to those pics of you back on Andy. Sending you gentle cyber-hugs. Lorraine (secretsquirrel on eques)

  3. Great pic of you and your dad Gen, neither of you have aged at all!x