Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day Eight - Tuesday

Mum says

"Today Di and I went in together; Gen wanted us to help her get to the shower because she didn't want the nice young male nurse to see her bottom. The suction tube for the drainage is long enough to reach into the shower, so it's a matter of steering the stand that has all the paraphanalia hanging from it. Mission accomplished, she enjoyed the shower very much. Everything can get wet except the epidural site, so she just had to lean forward to wash her hair.

One of the doctors Glen Westall today said that hopefully the drainage tubes from the lungs could come out tomorrow. They take readings constantly and he said 200 is the magic number - ie no more than 200 in total (mls?) from both lungs. The fluid is in the space between the inner and outer lining of the lungs. I did some googling about it and it is very common after transplantation and usually resolves within nine days.

After the doctor's round Gen felt like a nanna nap so we left and her nurse put a sign on the door. "

Gen says....

Alas my nurse came in while I had the sign on the door to give me some meds, and the physio saw me doing some last minute Facebook update my rest was cancelled and I went on my first walk! With my "friends" of course - and two physios to assist me.

Felt fantastic to do two laps of the ward. I did have to stop to cough, and my wheezing is very noisy. Still a lot of gunk to get up and out.

While I started walking, my sister Jo arrived - perfect timing! So she was able to get a shot of the big moment.  We then settled in for a our first decent chin wag since her ICU visit.

After Jo left I did a long physio session and quite a few throughout the night, whenever the nurses came to do their checks.

First walk!

I still have those nasty looking socks on!!
Physio, Jo and me

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  1. Another family tea this night and another excuse to raise our glasses! Cheers!