Monday, July 5, 2010

Day Fourteen - Monday

Well today was supposed to be the day that I was to go home but it has all changed dramatically.

First of all it was because my insulin levels were still doing naughty things over the weekend, and today doses were to be changed. They did not want to send me home with things changing and therefore possible
problems when I got home.  I would have needed education from the diabetes educators as well - and we weren't sure we could fit that all in today.

On Friday the specialist concerning this did think it would settle over the weekend - so he was very sorry that he had to disappoint me with that news. But that's fine - I felt it sensible to stay another night - I did manage to squeeze in around a 10-15 minute sulk...haha!!

I have already had a practice  this morning jabbing myself and it was fine! Hurts less if I do it! lol.

This still doesn't mean I'm diabetic forever - it still may settle on it's own after the prednisolone doses keep coming down and the body keeps adjusting.

Ok the more major concern is that my sternum has been clicking - when I cough or even if I blow my nose!

I started to notice it early days and hoped it would settle but it's become more frequent.

I mentioned it to my nurse yesterday, and then to the doctors this morning - so had an xray after to check.

About an hour ago had the surgeon come in - and he said this happens to about 5% of patients who are pumping around very early, and coughing and huffing etc. The wires they use to connect the sternum come apart and then can't spring back.

So - this is the shitty part - I have to have an operation to fix it - just the sternum part so they'll go through the same scar. It takes about half an hour. I asked do I have to have drains and he said no you shouldn't - maybe a small one.

They aren't calling it a set back - just a hiccup. I think they may have been anticipating one!! One of my nurses who I've had a lot since being here said I'm the quickest one she has ever seen to recover.

So they all keep apologising to me - bless them - it's disappointing for them but they are really feeling for me.

They are going to do repair this Wednesday.

Since I'll be here still, they are going to do my bronchoscopy tomorrow instead of Thursday, so fasting from breakfast.

Today in gym I did a 20 min walk, 10 min bike ride, 10x2 squats, stretches, ham string push things, quad lift (I can't remember all the names of the equipment - I'm going to be fit fit fit when I finish!!! ) They are already working on my posture too.  Cfers get very hunched over from years of coughing and not being able to  breathe properly. It's nice that I will finally be able to work on this.

They said I could have day leave today- so when mum comes I might get her to take me to Chapel St for some retail therapy!

I'm ok - I'd rather they fix this all up now while I'm still here - rather than discover I have problems when I got home.  Hopefully this will go smoothly.

Just before I had one of the diabetes educators come around to show me how to use the glucose blood monitoring system - signs of having a hypo - etc. There is a lot of new things to get my head around!

Thanks for all your ongoing messages of support, encouragement and love!!


  1. Hey Gen, good to see you are taking it all in your stride. I had a similar problem that my sterum was sticking out but in the end they decided not to do surgery. But l agree rather they do it while you are in than go home and then have to come back. In terms of insulin it does take a while to get used to. If you have any questions or want to chat about it l am always here. I think support from people who have been through it also helps post transplant especially on the bad days.

  2. Gen, you are AMAZING, I'm sorry its' taken me so long to pick up your link (hopefully all fixed I'm sorry to hear about your "hic-cup" but knowing you, you'll soon be bouncing around again :) Hope you enjoyed your retail therapy and know we're always sending you our best! Mel xox

  3. Hi Gen, just wanted to pass on my regards, and so pleased to hear that things are progressing well despite the hiccup. Wishing you all the best for a continuing speedy recovery.

    KerryM (from Eques previously).

  4. Hi Glam, Fuck you look amazing!!! I can't believe looking at your post op photo's how quickly you have gone from not looking so good to fucken amazing!!!!! Your smile is infectious and just lights up your gorgeous face. I'll have to start baking because it wont be to long till you'll be here for lunch & arvo tea. Can't wait to hold you Glam. love and prays Sheree xoxox

  5. Blah - bloody wiring let you down, Gen - nothing to do with you!! ;) Tell 'em they shoulda done their fencing properly! :P LOL

  6. Hi Gen, I know a couple of Tx patients who had to go back to get sternum realigned/rewired. It was no big deal -they were up and about really quickly and able to continue on with modified gym sessions, so I am sure it will be the same for you. Rach Bradley xo

  7. Thanks everyone...that is really encouraging to hear Rach...thanks darl xo