Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day Eleven - Friday

Bloods continue to be taken every morning to test for various things. X-rays are about every 3 days now. 

I assume all is well there, as I haven't heard anything and keep forgetting to ask!!

Physio asks am I cool to go the gym. Good Lord!! Ok I say!

Gym is at 11am, right when I start a drug, so I bring my IV friend with me.  At least it gives me an excuse to not use the stairs!

I do really well. I do 15 min slow walk on the tready, 15 min walk on the bike ( I do hate stationary bikes, so this will be an ongoing pest for me!) , stretches and 10x 2 squats. Staff are concerned that I am already doing more than they are!! Haha.

Jane the LT social worker pops in and admires my arm muscles. She said she had a good feel while she was supporting me getting my epidural in!! I laugh, what a compliment!!

Jane talks about 2 other girls who recently had LTs and one has finished gym and is back riding!!

Lou the head honch LT and heart rehab specialist, says around 2 months I can start riding again! The length of time is due to the sternum healing - it takes a long long time. So even then, it will be gentle walks and get someone else to saddle up and do the weight bearing. it time for mum to learn how to put a saddle on? Haha!!

My Aunty arrives just as I finish up the hour workout, and we go back to my room for a chat before she has to take off to the airport.

Later on Sue and Mum arrive.  They are liking the new tubeless gal! :)

Sue gives me a gorgeous cuddly unicorn, and Mum has brought a gift from a group of my other sister Jo's friends...a horse with a saddle. Feeling thoroughly spoilt!!.

Cards and other things have started arriving too. I received a particularly beautiful card made by a fellow equeser. I continue to be so touched by the outpouring of love and support EACH and every day.

Sue has brought in my ICU pictures. It's really weird seeing them. I'd seen some briefly on Di's camera but this is the first time I really study them.

I keep looking at them.  I can't believe how far I've come in such a short amount of time!!

An occupational therapist comes in then leaves again, thinking she has the wrong patient because I look so well!!

I'm looking forward to tonight to see how I sleep.

My cuddly toys!!

First bike ride = sore bum!

Gen and Mum

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  1. How times have changed re keeping family and friends up to date with developments..I remember at RCH in the early days of admissions for CF, the sense of achievement on finding a public phone that was in working order!!