Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day Fifteen - Tuesday

Today 's bronchoscopy went smoothly.  It was in the morning so I didn't have too much waiting around.  One of the nurses attending to me beforehand told me I looked too well to have Cystic Fibrosis. Is there some special certificate I need to get? Haha!!

After a nice snooze I came around - I was desaturating so back onto the oxygen, but by the time I got back to the ward, after an hour I was back up to 99% on room air....lovely!

The result was that I have a lot of flem still which means I have an infection. This can happen from bugs still lurking in my own bronchial tubes. It is a very common occurrence so hopefully 2 weeks of I's will knock it on its head! Thank goodness for one reason or another, my PICC had not been taken out, so I didn't have to get another one put back in!!

A very rude student doctor bowled her way in just after I got back, demanding a "talk" with me - reacting back I said actually this is not a good time, I have just had a bronchoscopy! She said I am only here today, can I come back about about 3. I said yes whatever!!

What a cow!!! I talked to my nurse and she was appalled !! So said lady got told off and she wasn't allowed to come back to have her chat!! I couldn't believe it.

Mum came a while later so we had a nice few hours together.

I felt very tired after she had left - I gave my 'wary not impressed' look when the student physio came in.  I still had to do a few strengthening exercises so some step up and downs, squats and a few balancing/strengthening exercises.  I really was not in the mood! Haha.

Was planning an early night but no. I had to get MOVED!! I was then extremely cranky because I thought I would be put into a shared room. But no, THANK GOD, I was put into another single room.

They had to do about 15 bed shuffles - it's to do with types of diseases, what bugs we all have - and the shifts happen as old people leave and new people arrive.

So begrudgingly I packed my bags (for the 2nd time, as I had packed Monday morning to go home!!!) and the nurses helped shift everything over. But it's a nicer room with a better view at least!

They had forgotten to do a follow up X-ray for my bronch, so at 11pm my nurse apologetically woke me for that.  It didn't take long - back to bed. Drugs at midnight...then a few hours sleep before being woken at 6am for more oral and IV drugs fitted in before the sternum op.

I'm very lucky that with new lungs, at least I am coping better with lack of sleep. If this was me in the old days, I would be beside myself by now! I am tired, but I am doing ok with it. I'm also coping with fasting better as well. Not feeling so starved each time!

Well I think that is all for now.



  1. I know what you mean about the fasting. I does get easier, but man is it nice when you finally get food again.
    On time I had to move in the middle of the night. 1am...I wasn't happy they had to wake me up. My new room was right next to construction. 7am the drill started in....argh!
    Take care and keep getting better.

  2. I had just worked out which way to turn when I got out of the Gen was on the other side of the block. After all these years I can still get lost on my way from the ward to the kitchenette..the laundry..the meeting room..