Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday 22nd of July, 2010

Goodness me, an exciting day!!

When I was out of the loop, one of my dear friends started a facebook group called "Team Genevieve" to keep people updated of my progress whilst in hospital.  And then one very generous man Simon came up with an idea. Kim one of the organisers has now shared me with me some of the scheming email which I'll share here.

"As Gen prepares to leave Hotel de Alfred, we thought we would share a great idea that our mate Simon had. Traditionally when people are sick and unwell, we send flowers or chocolates to brighten their day and speed their recovery. We thought that, rather than adding to Gen’s compost bin that we would try for something that might help a little more.

Thus, it is with great pleasure that we announce the creation of the “Gen Broom Flowers and Chocolates Fund”! Instead of sending her a lovely bunch o’ posies, the idea is to put the money you would have spent into a “pot” (read: specially opened account). Our theory is that if a few of us do this then we might have a nice amount for Gen to then put towards whatever she deems will help her recovery; be it petrol to get in and out of the Alfred, some new running shoes or competition gear for Andy or a big party to say thanks to all of us – whatever her heart desires!

We thought we would give everyone a few weeks to get organized and so have set her birthday (July 23) as a ‘deadline’ of sorts when we can hopefully do a bit of a presentation to the lady."

So it was with shock and a few tears that I was presented with my gift today and have been completely overwhelmed with it. Thankyou to each and every one of you. I am hoping to buy a new jumping saddle (haha!) for Andy, as his old jumping saddle no longer fits and it's time to be updated! So when I start jumping again (!!!) I will be able to think of you all.

I emailed all the people who contributed today, but my apologies if I have missed anyone. Thank you so much again.

It's my birthday tomorrow! Yippee!! My first birthday with my new lungs. I've always looked forward to birthdays - especially considering that each year is a blessing in terms of still BEING HERE, but this birthday will be extra extra special with everything that has happened....what a birthday gift my beautiful donor has given me.  I am wondering how her family is going.  I think of them a lot too. :(

I was also rather overwhelmed (yes again!) when a friend of mine who is riding Andy for me while I'm out of action, told me this.

"By the way, I am organising a Cystic Fibrosis Victoria fund raising day on the 5th of August at my school (Moama Anglican Grammar) – we are having a crazy hair day AND I hope you don’t mind that I got one of the student leaders to read out what you had written on day one of your blog, at assembly. It was great actually because it was the only announcement during assembly that EVERY student listened to – you could have heard a pin drop! Although they did all have a little giggle at the bit where your Mum says “stuff the cow!” I will keep you posted about how it goes and send you some crazy hair pics."

I am absolutely touched by Kate's organising of this, and love that all these kids got to hear my story. Hopefully this might inspire them to become organ donors, or perhaps learn more about CF.

Things have been going fine here. I had my 2nd bronchosopy yesterday and it went smoothly. They found gunk that would be expected at my stage - and I was finally able to stop IV antibiotics after being on them 2 months, and get my PICC pulled out! Yay!!

I am now on inhaled tobramycin (which I couldn't handle with my old lungs, but can with these shiny babies!) and an oral antibiotic.

We are still playing around with my insulin as my sugars are still being a bit naughty. I am eating so healthily too!  I usually did before the LT (you should hear of some of the CF diets - they are SHOCKING!) but I have cut down a lot on my sugars - I don't even have any sugar in my tea anymore!

My exercise tolerance keeps going higher and higher and I'm still loving every minute of it!

I checked with the OT about when I can start driving (at the earliest) and it's about 6 weeks from your operation. I'm already at 4 weeks so only 2 weeks to go! Once I'm driving again, I can then get Andy to come back to his agistment in Melbourne! Yay!  I won't be able to ride him til about the 2 month mark, but I will be able to lunge!!  Might have to get friends to do the poo though, cause of my sternum! Haha, what a pity!!

Visit from Kim J today and the delivery of the best present
since my 30th..hehehe :)

More friends visiting - Jo, Lani, Al and Gen

When I got my PICC out yesterday, I filmed it! I know, eww! But for anyone who has an interest in anything medical, I have uploaded it for you. There is no blood, but all the same, don't watch it if you know you are squeamish. If you don't like medical shows, then you'll know not to watch this!!

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  1. Makes you feel free after getting it out doesn't it.....thankfully I have a port now. Whew! Great filming.