Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day Sixteen - Wednesday

All the nurses and other staff who thought I was going home on Monday keep coming in with sad  faces Tuesday and Wednesday and even Thursday, and I'm like, "It's ok, I'm fine really!!!"

I have been reassured that my sternum needing to be fixed is nothing that I have done (moving, coughing etc) - I've just been unlucky!!

I'm told that I'm second on the list for the operation to fix my sternum, so that will mean I miss gym...excellent!  Yes the physios were still keen for me to go if it didn't clash!! (ie gym in the morning, operation in the afternoon scenario!) anaesthetist who saw me the day before thought that was a stupid idea...he said you will be worrying about the operation and you don't need that before your's always interesting hearing all their different points of view!

I thought it was ridiculous too but I was prepared either way!  The physios are a very determined group of people! :)

I got to the theatre waiting area about 11am but it was another wait of an hour because they had lost my consent form! You wouldn't want to be panicking! Luckily I was feeling calm like I did before my LT.  I signed another consent form and finally got wheeled into the operation room. They were also starting to wonder what the holdup was.  I had a few more different anaesthetists working with me. Another canula was put in and then I was put to sleep.

I woke up curled up in a protective ball back in recovery. I was in pain and didn't want  to move a muscle!! It took a while for me to become more alert. After about an hour I got back to my room, and my sister, nephew and mum were waiting.

My voice had gone a bit again but once I got back I got a bit more energy and had a good old chin wag.

After they left I was very tired and started to notice how much worse the pain was this time around. Again I counted my blessings about the epidural for I already now had a great appreciation what it had done for my LT pain.  I had a morphine machine that would allow me to inject a small amount of morphine every 5 minutes.

During the night, it played up a lot and its beeping is very loud, my pain was constant and it was hard  to move and I kept jarring my sternum when I did try to move or sit up.

I wanted to cough and I was very noisy in my windpipes but it was too painful to cough.

So overall a very uncomfortable night with relatively no sleep!! Again!!

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  1. There is some sort of black hole at the hospital that gobbles up any consent form signed by Genevieve....