Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday 10th September - Week 11 Post LT

Lung Function

Good news is my lung function has come up again  to 70% Fev1 so that was very exciting!! I am really feeling the difference in my breathing's so slow and steady now, just lovely...:)


With my tacro FINALLY finding some stability, I was allowed to bring back down my dose of prednisolone (to 15mgs daily). This has had a big affect on my reflux and getting my insulin doses right for what I eat. Overall I have felt more energetic and less tired and more of feeling "normal".

My splints near my knees have nearly healed and I will hopefully attempt to start jogging again next week.

Just a short update for this week!

Until next time!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday 3rd September - Week 10 Post LT

Someone put me down!!  Yep I went lame this week. Haha....


Last weekend I started feeling sore on the inside of both knees.  On Monday it hurt to jog in that area, Tuesday I didn't jog but still did a long walk, and by Wednesday I told Lou our gym physio.  No jogging for at least 7 days - she treated me with ultrasound and I didn't do any tready work or stepping that day.  Ok to do a bit of a walk but nothing like my 50 minute walk/jogs that I was doing!  Today we repeated the ultrasound and again I didn't do any step or treadmill work.

Apparently at high doses of Prenisolone, the tendency to have these sort of things (muscle and joint injury) is more likely. Ahhh thanks Mr Pred!!  And thanks for my fat face too....:-(


Because of previous liver and bowel issues, I see a gastroenterologist every 6 months.

Everything was good, but he suggested cutting down the dose of Nexium I was on - long term use can create problems.

So I did that, but unfortunately I became very sick over the weekend with pain and nausea from reflux - so I went back on them and it took a few days for the body to right itself.  Ever since I've had pain niggles but it's tolerable.


Last Monday I had my checkup and he said it's fine to be on the dose of Nexium I am on at this stage of my recovery (phew).  Tacro is still up and down and my kidney (creatinine) levels are still too high.  So the dose of Tacro has been lowered yet again and we shall see what next Monday's blood test reveals!


Am still fiddling with my insulin doses but I have lowered the night time dose so I can avoid the night time hypos.  I make the lunch time insulin dose the largest because it seems to be the time when my levels really go up.

The levels also have been higher because of slowing down on my exercise.  Everything is so linked!!


Overall this has greatly improved.  I wake up about 2 times a night now and generally fall back to sleep quickly. I still wake up with night sweats, and sometimes reflux pain around 5am - 6am.  

Aside from Mondays where I get up about 6am to be at the hossy by 8.30am for a blood test and the other bits and bobs, I sleep in til near 8 as I always have my morning medications then. If I've had a bad night or still feel tired and it's a day off, I have my breaky and meds and go back to sleep for a while. If I feel ok I push on and might have an arvo kip.  Sometimes I don't need an arvo kip either but need to go to bed early. Overall, I still crave lots of sleep! lol


Counting down til the "moment"...!!!


Quite a few people have left now as they finish their programmes.  I find I am taking more and more time to finish as I keep getting things added in to do, and I am talking!!  I feel like I'm back at school and I'm getting distracted catching up with people!! It's been a wonderful group and you feel sad when people leave!!


Been doing a lot of driving this week and it's an absolute luxury to have this independance back!!

Think that's all for now

Til next time, thoiya later!!