Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day Seventeen - Thursday

I can't remember who came in first - I think the surgeons came in really early to ohhh and ahh over my tiny drain that has kept me company overnight.  They say they'll come again in the afternoon and if it's not draining much then they will take it out. It hasn't been doing much anyway, which is a good sign.

LT gang swing by to see how I'm doing. I'm struggling with my pain and they say the anaesthetics gang will be by shortly to discuss this. They don't want to release me until the pain is under control.

I inwardly roll my eyes as I'm just downing my breakfast (and a student nurse and educational nurse are fluffing around in the background sorting out my medication which is late) and student physio wants to do exercise with me. Just as he starts, the anaesthetics gang turn up. 

I say the pain is worst when I try to cough - hmmm  - "well you need to use the morphine more before the physio comes so your body is ready" - and I say, well aside from gym times, I never know what time the physio is coming. In the end to save me being attached to the morphine machine, and get the medication more regular, they decide to swap me over to oral pain medication.

They leave, back to doing some exercise. They are trying to make small talk, obviously not picking up on any cues that I am distressed and exhausted.

Just finish that and mum arrives, and I'm just telling her all about what's happened so far and the diabetes educator arrives. She is terrific and explains everything very carefully.There is still the hope that once my medication settles and goes lower, that I can stop the insulin.

She leaves and I say to Mum - "You couldn't be dumb going into something like this" - she said I'm glad you can absorb it all, I lost it half way through!!"  Well she is nearly 70, we'll blame it on that Mum!! Haha.

Suddenly I really want to vomit - I start taking deep breaths hoping I don't cause it will muck up all the medication levels! It passes thankfully, and I ask the nurse for some nausea tablets - I had been warned the higher doses of oral pain medication (one in particular) might make me feel sick.

Not long after a nurse comes by with more meds and says something very sympathetic about it being a lot to take in or something along those lines and I get the tears out for the first time!   She said I will make sure no one disturbs you unless they really have to!

After mum leaves I have a rest. The pain is still bad.

LT gang swings by again and since the surgeons haven't been back, give the go ahead to have my drain pulled out.  It doesn't hurt too much for it to be taken out.

By evening my pain is finally starting to abate. 

Sleep is still an interrupted affair with pain medication and IVs throughout the night but at least it's more comfortable.


  1. What pretty pajamas you have....:)

  2. I got my sister Di (who lives in Malasia) to buy me some silk's impossible to get decent ones here, if at all! I wanted something with buttons down the front, easier with all the stuff happening in the chest area! :)

  3. you dont look a happy chappy

  4. I need my HTFU t-shirt Sime! lol