Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First post

Hi all

As the month of March has ticked over, I approach 10 months waiting for a new set of lungs.

I have been thinking I want an easier way to update everyone of "the journey" and thought it was time to set up a blog - it has quicker editing tools than my other website. I will keep my CF angelfire website, but from now on my updates will be done here. I feel it appropriate that with a new life, I can have a new website too! :)

I probably won't post anything further here until the big event (hopefully) happens - as there is really not much going on - it is just the same stuff, different day. Yep I admit, it is getting harder, the longer I wait.....

So store this address somewhere http://genevievebroom.blogspot.com/ - and I'll talk to you sometime....sooner or later! :)

Love and blessings, Gen

(Picture taken at Barastoc Horse of the Year - after Andy did an event with another jockey, I wanted to find a friend so I went for a walk bareback rather than walk myself! So I got mum to take a picture of course!!)


  1. Gen your an inspiration. fingers and toes crossed you get your new lungs soon, keep showing that beautiful smile, and Andy is looking beautiful as always .
    love ya xxxxxx
    Debbie + Tokai + Callan

  2. Hey Gen, long time no see or chat. I think the last time was when school was nearly finished or it could have been in Echuca somewhere. I have just read your story and knew nothing. I really wish you all the best. I was always told that good things come to those who wait! Your turn will come. Thinking of you and your family. Take care. Mon and Family xx

  3. hey genevieve,how have you been..hope all is well contact me at my email address if you want to chat sometime.we met at the equine massage course (my husband darren has cf), email adress is impulse5@bigpond.net.au
    regards cathie sykes