Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Andy's Poo

Yes you read the title correctly. And yes, you're in the right place - this blog is meant to be about the amazing LT journey.  Well it is...but not quite yet...haha.....well my tenuous link is that Andy's poo, which I pick up every day, is contributing to keeping up my fitness and muscle mass....hmmm.

I know I know, I did say I wouldn't post again until the 'event', but well, today I'm bored so I thought I'd share with you a big part of my life. It's come up a few times in topic, probably thanks to a few laments of mine on facebook, so here is a close and extremely personal look at Andy's poo.

Andy's poo pile did start off quite small, but it has very gradually got bigger. The owners of the property occasionally bag it up to sell, but this hasn't been done for a long time.

So it has gone from this

To this

You may also notice there are "weeds" growing throughout the pile in the later pictures. Well now, they aren't weeds, but Andy's special crop of pumpkins, squash and marrows.  You see Andy gets a lot of treats from his grandparents, who grow beautiful fruits and vegetables at their farm in Bamawm. They are often not able to get through them all, so Andy is lucky and scores them.

Marrow - nom nom nom

Pumpkin - nom nom nom

Watermelon - nom nom nom

The result of Andy eating these things means he poos the seeds out - I pick them up, put them on the pile, and voila, the seeds grow and Andy's crop is made.  He occasionally likes to chew on the vines, but he has successfully grown quite a lot of his own vegetables...haha!!

It takes me a long time to pick up all the poo as it is about 2 buckets worth each day.  I must say I had poo picking up envy, when I saw one of the owners last night using his ride on mower to pick up their horses poo! They had attached a trailer to the ride on mower....ahhh how good would that be!! LOL!!!

However, I have to keep dreaming on, and doing it the slow way.  Gloves, bucket, and a trolley (mum's idea, thanks mum!). 

Non- horsey people may wonder why I have to bother with this job in the first place.  There are a few reasons - one being the paddock looks much nicer!  The second more important reason is that it's healthier for the horse and for the pasture.

I do look forward to the time when this job will take me 10 minutes, instead of the usual half hour or more of coughing and puffing.

Until next time, I am yours, in poo...lol

Ps - and now in video, witness the miracle of Andy eating his own home grown pumpkin...lol!!

And now see him eating his own home grown marrow! Lol!!

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